The Coalition for Sound Growth (CSG) was formed in the Summer of 2002 in response to an application to build a "world class" championship golf course on the 700 plus acres of the Mead Farm that straddles  the towns of Norfolk and Canaan. Principal among the several arguments that led us to oppose this proposal was that proper scientific research on the environmental impact had not been carefully made prior to the course design. In short, the design came first, the impact on the environment a distant second. We learned in this effort how to obtain, use and present good  research. This has been a lynchpin of our efforts ever since.

CSG was incorporated as a 501-c-3 organization in late 2004. By this time, it was clear to us that we could and should fulfill a broader mission that would constructively benefit the Town of Norfolk. Accordingly, we volunteered time and financial support in revising and rewriting our existing Town Plan (known more formally as The Plan for Conservation and Development). The new Town Plan, adopted in 2009, represents not only the sentiments of the citizens of Norfolk as to how the town should develop over the next decade, but also provides the legal framework upon which new and revised zoning regulations must be based. These new zoning regulations  are currently in the process of revision and should be completed in 2012.

Acting as a catalyst, sounding board, facilitator, sometimes as a partial funding source, quietly and persistently, and always working with others, CSG has a hand in a number of key improvements in our town over the past six years. Our mission to advance the vision expressed in our Town Plan has remained consistent  and we have made a difference.

contact: csg@norfolkcsg.org